Graduate Projects, Poster and Presentations

Undergrad Projects

  • TouchTypeMaster Touch typing learning tool for windows
  • PIGEON Online Bus Ticket Booking System
  • PMS Project Management Software Like Trello
    • Tools : Laravel, Sublime Text , PHP
    • Description : Create Project and assign members to project, Add task in scrum board, specify state(Ice bag, Emergency, In Progress, Testing, Complete), assign to users. Every team member of a project can see all tasks in board and their state. But only tasks that is assigned to the user can be updated by him. sScrum master can edit any ones task .
    • Link :
  • Integer Computer Management Solutions
  • Online Admission Test Registration System
    • Tools : Sublime Text , PHP , MySQL, JQuery, Bootstrap
    • Description : For undergraduate admission test registration every university needs an online registration system . In Web Programming Language sessional project we have developed one for Khulna University admission test registration .
  • Numerical Methods Library
    • Tools : codeblocks, c++, sublime text
    • Description : A library which includes implementation of important numerical method such as false method, bisection method, secant method , gauss siedel method, newton’s divided difference etc.
    • Link :
  • Computer Graphics Library
    • Tools : graphics.h , codeblocks, c++, sublime text ,Ubuntu , vim , SDL-libgraph
    • Description : A library which includes implementation of important graphics algorithms such as Bressenhams algorithm, Cohen-shutherland algorithm etc.
    • Link :
  • Online Judge Problem Solutions